Ceiling Fans: A Professional’s Overview

Ceiling followers are a versatile and also functional enhancement to any office or home. Not just do they offer a functional function of keeping air distributing, but they can likewise add style and interest to a space. As a professional in the home improvement industry, I have set up countless ceiling followers for many years. In this guide, I will show to you some suggestions and also techniques for picking and mounting the perfect ceiling fan for your room.

Choosing the Right Fan:

When picking a ceiling follower, it’s important to take into consideration the dimension of the room it will be installed in. A fan that is also small for a huge area will certainly not offer sufficient air blood circulation, while a follower that is as well big for a small room can be subduing. As a general regulation, a follower with a diameter of 36 inches is suitable for areas approximately 100 square feet, while a follower with a size of 52 inches is best for rooms up to 400 square feet.

You must likewise consider the style of the follower. Ceiling fans can be found in a selection of styles, from standard to contemporary to industrial. Choose a fan that complements the design of the room as well as fits with your overall visual.


Mounting a ceiling fan might feel like a difficult task, but with the right tools and instructions, it can be a fairly very easy do it yourself task. Before you start, see to it that you have shut off power to the area at the circuit breaker. Comply with the manufacturer’s instructions meticulously, as there may be minor variations in the installment procedure relying on the fan you select.

One usual mistake that many people make when installing a ceiling follower is not connecting it correctly to the ceiling. Make use of a support brace or an installing kit to ensure that the fan is protected and also will not totter or shake when in use.


Once your ceiling fan is installed, it is essential to keep it well-maintained to make sure that it lasts for many years ahead. Routinely dust the blades and also clean them with a moist towel. If your follower starts making sounds or ends up being out of balance, it may require to be readjusted or tightened. Refer to the producer’s instructions for fixing suggestions.

A ceiling follower is a practical as well as stylish enhancement to any kind of office or home. Choosing the right follower, mounting it properly, and also keeping it well-maintained are essential to obtaining the most out of your investment. With these suggestions in mind, you can appreciate a comfortable and also trendy area all year round.

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